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One of the ongoing mysteries of 51 Sussex is "who's gonna show up this weekend?"  To address this query, each Tuesday, Poodle Ann herself will send out an e-mail to all house members asking if they plan to come to the beach the upcoming weekend.  That way we all know who and how many people plan to be there, so we can all adjust our plans accordingly.  PLEASE do your part by looking for that e-mail (and be sure to REPLY TO ALL!!!) and responding in a timely manner (by Thursday at the latest!).

e-mail accounts
Everyone's a star at 51 Sussex and, as such, everyone has their own exclusive house e-mail address!  Your address is simply firstname@51sussex.com.  Don't ask me how they do it, but any correspondence sent to you will be forwarded to the e-mail account you use on a daily basis.  It's all very confidential, so admirers can send you love notes without you having to divulge too much personal information!  For example, if you want to e-mail Poodle Ann then just send mail to poodleann@51sussex.com and your missive will arrive in her inbox without you ever knowing the real address of that inbox!

telephone numbers
Our telephone numbers are now distributed through "Upfront."







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Back House:


"It's a dilemma we all face each week: overnight bag or steamer trunk?  Of course, it all depends on how many housemates will be down (it has nothing to do with length of stay!) .  That's why it's so important to touch base with one another about weekend plans!"


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