51 SUSSEX 2013
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The aural soundscape at 51 Sussex is just as vital as our lush green landscape.  So we go extra lengths to make it a pleasurable experience for all.  Here's the lowdown on the sound system:


  • The stereo is located in the closet by the back door of the front house.  It includes the stereo tuner/receiver and two CD players.  When playing CDs, use the bottom, 5-disk deck; the one built into the receiver is defective.


  • To the left of the stereo is a dial that switches the sound to entirely inside the front house (setting #1), just the outdoor pool area (setting #2), or both (setting #1 & #2).  Please take note of where the dial is set - particularly late at night - as no one wants to be jolted out of bed at 3 am by a very loud "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!"


  • There is a range of CDs kept by the stereo, mixed and produced by our one and only Dirk, capturing all types of moods (if you have any requests you'd like him to compile, please do!). Plus you are welcome to bring your own.  Just be sure if there are others around that they are in-sync with your listening selection!





"I've traveled to the darkest jungles of the rain forests, the highest mountains of Tibet, and the deepest parts of the inner city to compile the most compelling range of exotic rhythms, chants, and ...oh hell, who am I kidding? I listen to the radio like everyone else and slap together CDs..."



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