51 SUSSEX 2013
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Front house has the parking spot to the left of the tree, back house, to the right.

Only one car per parking space, please. This ain't no trailer park.

There are two street parking passes for the front house, two for the back house.

Parking passes are required from 10 am until 5 pm in all UN-metered spaces in Rehoboth from Memorial Day until Labor Day.
This means all along our street, too!

Additional parking passes can be purchased at various locations in town.  Passes are available on a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. 




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 "The most delightful way to arrive at Rehoboth is by yacht.  But since none has so much as a rowboat, we arrive by car.  And cars mean parking passes.  The most hideous thing about parking passes is remembering to leave them when you go.  If you forget, you have three choices: you can turn around and bring it back; Fedex it back; or spring for the cost of a weekly replacement.  Unless, of course, you have a yacht...then you could sail it back."


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