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Garbage - Not Lifestyle!

Trash is collected Tuesday and Friday mornings - usually and loudly - around 6:15 am.  Here's how we do our parts:


  • The compound trash cans are kept behind the back house, with lids tightly secured. 

  • The night before usual pick-up, take the trash out to the curb.  If no one is scheduled to be here at the compound during the week, drag it out before you leave on Sunday. 

  • If no one's here to drag the trash out during the week, then no one's here to take the can back in!  So we keep a liner in the trash can that can be lifted out and placed by the curb.

  • Be sure to tie the bag so that raccoons and skunks don't help themselves to your personals!




"One man's trash is another man's trick, and God knows, we've had some trash come through 51 Sussex.  And some of it was even mine!"




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