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Weeks & Weekends


Us weekenders never want to infringe on someone's vacation week, and vacationers shouldn't infringe on everyone else's weekend, so...

A weekend runs from 5 pm Friday - 5 pm Sunday.

A week runs from 5pm Sunday - 5 pm Friday.

That means if you are coming down for the weekend, you should clear out by 5 pm Sunday, and not return before 5 pm Friday (unless no one is booked to be there that week).  If it's your vacation week, you get your house to yourself as of 5 pm Sunday, but expect others to come down by 5 pm Friday.

How you spend your week is up to you.  If you want to have friends or family down to share your time, go for it. But please keep in mind, we try to coordinate the houses so that "like-minded" people are there at the same time. 

Generally speaking, most of us prefer not to spend our vacation time with someone else's kids.  So - to avoid putting anyone in an uncomfortable situation - if your vacation plans include children, we ask that you select a week in June.  Most house members choose their vacation weeks in July or August, so that way there should be no conflicts.

If your plans have the potential to impact the other house (like children and/or family members), please let us know in advance so we can try to make it work for all involved!




"I believe five o'clock is a magical time.  Work ends at five.  Happy hour starts at five.  A night at the disco ends at five.  The walk of shame starts at five. And one should never show his face in the compound Fridays before five, and should get his ass out Sundays by five.  Yes, all in all, it truly is a magical time."




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