51 SUSSEX 2013
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Lights! Computers! Action!

As quaint as our compound may look, electronically, it's on the cutting-edge of hi-tech! Many of our lights are computer programmed or on timers, and once again this year, broadband Internet access will be available!   Here's the poop:

The low voltage lighting around the scrubs and along the fence by the front house are on timers.  Some timers are located behind that fence; others are located on the side of the deck by the back house porch door (near the pool heater).

Sometimes when it rains, the ground fault interrupt outlets may trip, causing the timers to stop.  It's an easy fix: just press the 'reset' button and the unit should start working again.  Be sure to reset the time on the timer.

The lights in the tree in the driveway and some in the back house are on computer-programmed timers that are far too complicated for most of us to understand.  They use X-10 technology and controllers and it shouldn't be necessary to futz with them, but in the event they do not work as expected, contact Stephen L. for further instruction.

The pool light seems to have a mind of its own.  Most of the bugs seem to have been worked out, and it should function properly.  Keep in mind when using the pool light dimmer (located on the side of the counter by the front house back door): Do not turn it up full, as it will sputter and fail.  Rather, turn it up only about halfway. Plus, you'll save yourself from looking hideous in bright light.

Once again, we're pleased to announce we will have broadband access through the cable company for your computer, should you choose to bring one.  The equipment will be located in the front house and beamed wirelessly and magically throughout the entire compound. 

There is some security on our system so that any old war driver can't just hop on our network and steal our broadband! 

Our network's SSID is Cody.  Everyone will receive instructions on how to log on to the network.






"This is the X-10 controller. It  frightens me.  I believe it steals your soul when you use it."


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