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Guests can be an amusing diversion, taken in the right amount and of an acceptable quality.

Please keep in mind, our little compound is a gay retreat that is first and foremost for the enjoyment of the compound members.  None of us should ever be put in a situation where we feel we cannot be completely ourselves - whatever that means to each of us.   

Here are some helpful tips for hosting:

Check before you invite.  If we're going to have a full house, that's not a good time
to bring a guest.  No room (not to mention the wait for the bathroom)!  So, see how many
house members are planning to come down before you invite your guest..

Where they sleep.  A cardinal rule is "paying members always have a place to
sleep."  In other words, they get first dibs. Guests get what's left, unless they're
sleeping with you.  In that case, they're fair game for gossip.

Designated sleeping areas only.  We frown on people sleeping on the floor, the
porch, or the deck.  We're not 22 anymore and we certainly aren't a bunch of frat boys in Wildwood.

Everything in its place.  That means no open suitcases or clothes strewn about. 
Please...do you live like that at home? (If you do, fine, but not here). We like to keep those sort
of things tastefully out of sight.


Frequently recurring guests can expect the following dialog upon arrival:
First Visit: Lovely to see you.
Second visit: Back so soon?
Third Visit: You know, the Breakers is just down the street...
Fourth visit: Where's your money?



"Thank You.  You have a lovely home."


"I'm all for excess...until it comes to guests. There simply isn't room enough in our little houses for all the costume changes."

51sussex.com  2007

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