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The pool is one amenity that set us apart from the common Rehoboth-folk.  It is the centerpiece of our compound, and as such, must be handled with special care. 

Because it is the centerpiece, we must all strive to be considerate of the people in both houses. Each of our actions concerning the pool area affects everyone in the compound.  So here are some tips for making your dip delightful for all:


  • Daytime guests are welcome; just check with the others to make sure someone isn't enjoying a quiet, quality floating time and may be loathe to welcome a boatload of rowdy queens.

  • Rinse sand and lotion off before jumping in - it's a pool...not a bathtub!

  • No towels draped over the fence facing the street.  If you want that white trash, Shantytown look, may we suggest you try the Bottle & Cork in Dewey...

  • No running, pushing, glass containers, or diving (it's only 4 feet deep).


  • Everyone loves a boiling cauldron late at night when entertaining that special someone.  Unfortunately, the pool chemicals do not.  When the water gets too hot, the chemicals break down.  When the chemicals break down, the pool must be drained.  Then refilled.  Your housemates will become upset. They will blame you.  You will be ostracized.  Take it from one who knows.  Lesson learned: turn it up when needed, but remember to turn it down when you're done!

  • Before you go to bed or leave for the weekend, remember to turn the heater off.

  • If you encounter problems with the heater (such as the pilot light goes out), click the link for the manual on the right hand side of this page and/or contact Stephen L. for guidance and relief.


  • Only turn the dimmer for the pool light up half way.  If you turn it up full, the light will blink, sputter, and go out.  Besides, at full brightness, no one is attractive.


  • The pool service comes once a week to clean the pool and check the chemicals.  The rest of the time, cleaning is up to us.


  • Water the plants on the deck as needed, especially during the week.  The plants in the back area by the fountain are covered by a drip hose on a timer; however, if you have the hose out, by all means, give them a squirt!


  • As we all know, there is no lifeguard on duty at 51 Sussex.  Therefore, each of us must take responsibility for our own and our guests' safety when using the pool!





"I see the pool as a reflection of myself: cooly refreshing on a hot summer's day...a hot, steamy cauldron on a cool summer's night...hopelessly shallow when you crave more depth.  And when that heater isn't working, it's just a plain old bitch."


For help with pool problems, check by clicking here or contat:
Stephen L:
856.401.0615(H)   800.548.4611(W)   856.261.7337 (Cell)


Heater User's Manual

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